To progesterone or not to progesterone? That is the question

Ugh.  I am at work on a Saturday since I will probably miss work on Mon or Tue for my IUI.  Guess what I just learned?  They shut off the HVAC systems for the weekend.  It must be 80 degrees in this office and completely stagnant with no air circulation at all.  Joy.

So I started POAOPKS (ha, new acronym!  Pee on an ovulation predictor kit stick!) last night.  I should surge tonight or tomorrow and IUI on Sun or Mon.  Last month I started spotting at 7dpiui so I voiced my concerns and have been prescribed progesterone suppositories.  (My wonderful husband said, “you mean up the butt?” with this look of horror on his face.  Um, no honey, VAGINAL suppositories.) 

So I have a conundrum – I’ve never had a short lp until last month (reminder:  we are MF as far as we know) and this could be caused by the injections.  Since I am au naturale this month I feel like there is really no reason that my lp should be short.  Actually, I’d almost like to see if it is too short without the injections because that would be a new development.  I’m going to San Francisco right in the middle of my 2ww.  Do I really want to be hopped up on p4? 

In all honesty, do I really think it is going to matter?

That is really the crux of it.  I’m honestly doing this IUI because we said we’d do 3.  I have given up all hope after last month’s abysmal numbers.  We are just spinning our wheels.  I know it only takes one egg and one sperm, but after 7 years I really feel the problem is larger than they can ascertain.  The antibodies crippling his sperm are only seen as a decrease in motility.  What if for every sperm that is motile there is still an antibody attached to the head inhibiting fertilization?  These aren’t things they really look at.  Semen Analysis is such a vague science.

I am ready to move on. 

However, I am still superstitious enough to think I would jinx us if I discuss our next steps here before this cycle is through.  I’ll wait it out.  

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