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YEAH!!  I got tagged.  I love this stuff.  Getting to know each other is what makes us, as Thalia so eloquently says, a community.  Thanks to Vanilla Dreams for tagging me!

I apologize in advance for the length of the first answer.  If you stick with me I promise the other answers are short and sweet!

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Current Job – Librarian at NASA.  Please don’t say, “NASA has librarians?”  Of course they do – a research organization is only as good as its access to information.  And I really hate…”so, what? Do you shelve books all day?”   UGHHH!  The people shelving books at your local library are NOT librarians.  All Librarians aren’t nice old ladies with sensible shoes and buns reading books to toddlers (not that those librarians are bad things- we all remember a kindly children’s librarian from our youth).  Some librarians are scientists cum research analysts.  Think of your university librarian times 100.  Want to know what a Librarian is? Read Why You Should Fall To Your Knees and Worship a Librarian by the Librarian Avenger.

Whew…can you tell I have to defend my profession’s honor daily?  Sorry for the mini-rant.  Anyway,  I do all the information architecture for the Library.  I love my job and I love working for the space program – it is like being part of something bigger than myself that will benefit all mankind.

2.  I’ve been a librarian at numerous universities/colleges.

3.  I taught 6th grade science for 1 year.

4.  I taught ballet and lyrical dance through high school.

Four movies I watch over and over:

I’d like to note that this asks what movies I watch over and over not which movies are my favorite.  This is an important distinction.  I love To Kill a Mocking Bird but it is not the movie I put in the DVD player every night to fall asleep to or to clean the house to.  These are my feel-good movies that I watch at least 20 times a year.  My husband and I call them OBG – oldies but goodies:

1.  I’ll make it unanimous and say Princess Bride.  I watch it so much I actually enjoy watching it in Spanish (even though I speak little). 
2.  Galaxy Quest.  Another one I love to watch again and again.  Try out the Thermian language track on the DVD – if you dare.
3. Snatch and any Guy Ritchie movie.
4. Chocolat and any Johnny Depp movie.
5.  I need to add a 5th – I probably watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation EVERY DAY from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.  I think Chevy Chase is so funny.  “I couldn’t be more surprised if I woke up tomorrow with my face sewn to the carpet.”  LOLLLLL!

Four places I have lived:

1. Tiny village of Damascus, Ohio
2. El Paso, TX (Ft. Bliss)
3. St.Petersburg, FL (Tampa Bay)
4. Cleveland, Ohio

Four TV shows I love:

Note:  I don’t have cable so I don’t get to watch some of the goodies
1. Jeopardy
2. Law and Order
3. Buffy and Angel (I know they are no more but I love them still)
4. Firefly (also cancelled – best damn TV show EVER)

Four places I have been on vacation:

1. San Salvador, Bahamas – stayed on an abandoned US Naval Base with my university class studying phycology (study of algae).  Best 3 credits ever.
2.  Luxembourg
3. Great St. Bernard’s pass, Swiss/Italian border – not only a beautiful Alps destination but home to myfavorite things on earth 
(I’ve been all over Europe but these (2 and 3) are some of the places I love the most that most Americans never get to on their whirlwind tour of the continent.)
4. The North American Continental Divide (aka the Great Divide) – I backpacked up the Rocky Mts. to this place where the waters divide – east to the Atlantic/Gulf watershed and west to the Pacific. 

Four websites I visit daily:

1. Fertility Friend
2. RawSugar – social bookmarking
3. LibraryThing – social cataloging
4. Blogs – between IF, Sci/Tech, NASA, and Librarianship I monitor close to 300 blogs daily.

Four of my favorite foods:

1. Chocolate
2. Thai
3. Chipotle
4. French toast

Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Home in bed, reading my Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter Novel
2. Spa – getting a hot stone message
3. The International Space Station
4. Machu Picchu

Four favorite bands/singers:

1. The Cure
2. Fugazi
3. Afghan Whigs
4. Violent Femmes
5.  (oh, oh, I have more) Sublime, Jane’s Addiction, Save Ferris, Lemonheads, etc.

Four people I tag (sorry if you’ve already been tagged):

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But, hey – we are a community!  If you want to have your turn, consider yourself tagged and GO FOR IT!

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