I’ll take 2 pink lines for $200, Alex

by Paige on Mon 17 Jul 2006 07:47 PM EDT

5 dpiui…strangely enough it is moving really fast.  I hope I can keep my mind off the wait.  I’m trying to convince myself that this couldn’t possibly have worked and we are ready to move on to step #2 (not ready to divulge our step 2 yet… more later).  In the back of my mind of course I still think that “it only takes one” and the even stupider (is that a word?) feeling that we definitely deserve it this time.  I know, I know… this isn’t about deserving or we would all have bouncing babies on our knees right now.

In other news I have a stye in my eye.  I’d like to start a petition to change the name of this ailment.  Saying “STYE in my EYE” makes me feel like a bad Dr. Seuss.  It is a silly name.  What should we call it?  I think maybe:  Really Expensive Ailment That Causes Me To Have To Throw Away A Barely Used Contact Lens and Tube of Mascara Needlessly.  Or how about: Ailment That Has No Effective Over The Counter Treatment (aka; We Can Put A Man On the Moon But Can’t Make a Treatment for a Stye?)  Or, how about:  Dear God, Do I Really Have to Go to Work With This Hideous Bump On My Eye?

But, I digress.

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