IUI#2 part 1

I tiggered last night at 10pm and went in for our first insemination of IUI#2 this morning at 8am.

If you will remember our first IUI we had a beautiful day.  This time I can’t even try to smile.

(here is our background, so this makes sense)

Our total post-wash motile count was 1.2 million.  I just cried and cried right there on the table.  We actually had our highest sperm count ever at 140.6 million and 23% motility – our best ever. How can we go from 140 to 1.2??? That is less than .01% or our pre-wash. WTF? Is this what antibodies are doing to us? I can just picture the sperm trying to swim through the gradient and being held down by these ugly antibodies. Little fuckers.

I don’t even know how to feel about tomorrow.  I’m just filled with despair.

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