Damn Follicles

Monitoring today – 1 follie at 19+mm and several in the 14-16 range.  Why does my body refuse to offer up more than one?  Is it possible that some others will catch up?

My e2 is 659 so I’m sure I would ovulate on my own tomorrow even if I didn’t trigger – hence no more days of stims to help the smaller ones along. 😦

And, of course, the one day ALL SUMMER that I had an important committment at work – July 12 will be insemination morning #2.  I hate letting people down.  My co-worker was able to rearrange the schedule of the conference to move my speech but I just feel like a loser!  IF is hard enough but trying to maintain my “everything is alright; I can do anything” attitude is even harder.

The worst part of it all is – I feel an almost non-existent hope of actually getting pregnant.  So, that means I’m letting people down at work for nothing.

To add insult to injury – I called my husband so he could start arranging his schedule for tomorrow and Wednesday (we are trying double insem this time) and he said, and I quote:  “this is going to be a pain in the ass.”

um…excuse me?


How about shots, sore ovaries, mood swings that rival a carnival roller-coaster, in addition to my own work-related crap.  Pain in the ass?  UGHHHHHHHHH

Needless to say I burst into tears and then hung up on him!

Oh happy day.

*Update: Feeling immediate remorse, my darling husband called back and apologized profusely.  I talked to my co-worker who is coordinating the conference I was to speak at and I have to admit I shamelessly used some tears welling-up to get sympathy (I have been vague, he doesn’t know what type of medical thing is going on and I wanted to make sure he didn’t think I was getting my nails clipped or something).  The conference will carry on without me – of course.  
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