New Look; Same Blog

Yes!  You are in the right spot – I changed the look of the blog as I have been meaning to get away from the blog templates.  Sorry if the glitter annoys anyone but I love the way it reminds me of Dorothy’s shoes from the Wizard of Oz.  Maybe I can click my heels together and wish for a baby?

Today is the 7th anniversary of TTC.  It was seven years ago this month that DH and I had the “big talk” about not refilling my bcp and starting a family.  That was such a wonderful time.  We were excited but more than a little scared.  We were only 24 and it was such a big step.  The whole next few months were very exciting.  Everytime we looked at each other it was with this tender look of excitement.

We could never have imagined what the future held.  It has been a very bumpy ride to say the least.  My greatest blessing though is that we have not let this journey damage our greatest asset – our marriage.  When we look at each other we still have the tender look of “you are going to father/mother my children”; even if that look is more than often through tears.  We have grown so much stronger in our struggle to start a family and I know it will make us better parents when the time comes.

Completely off topic.  I have debated how anonymous this blog should be and I have avoided speaking of my job – but I just can’t hold back today. I have been blessed to work for the greatest organization in the world – NASA.  Today STS-121 is scheduled for launch.  I know that there are many important and pressing things going on in our world right now and looking to the stars may seem counterproductive.  I invite everyone to take a minute and glory in the best side of humanity.  The side that combines drive, passion, and teamwork with techinical and scientific knowledge to bring humanity together and beyond the boundaries of our problems.  Look up at the sky and see us as we can be.  Watch the launch of Discoveryhere

Update:  Launche was scrubbed due to bad weather.  Tune in tomorrow at 3:15 for another try.  I know it is frustrating and anticlimatic to see the launches get cancelled but NASA is extremely careful with the lives of the astronauts.  It has to be perfect conditions.
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