Let me play coach, let me play!

And IUI #2 begins!

I had my baseline u/s today – NO MORE CYSTS!
I will begin with the Bravelle tomorrow at 225 IU for 4 days and return on Wednesday, 7/5 for another bloodwork and u/s.

My month off was nice – I totally zoned out and pretended I didn’t have IF for almost 26 days. Because of that I also didn’t keep up with everyone’s journey – I’m going to remedy that this weekend as I catch up on all the blogs.

Has anyone seen the special edition of People Magazine? It is all about celebrity babies. Being the dedicated masochist that I am I actually bought this! It is cute (if you are into 400 dollar swaroski crystal baby shoes) and sometimes infuriating (Brittney’s pregnancy – make me gag!).

I’m back in the game…hopefully this will be my last inning.