Update from the bench

I guess I have been what is called a “bad blogger” for the past couple weeks. It has been hard to post since I’m not “doing” IF** right now. Crazy way of thinking, yes? I’ve been trying to keep busy to avoid counting the minutes until I can cycle again (sometime the first week of July). The bcp are making me bitchy (at least that is what I’m going to blame it on) and my skin is broken out. Aren’t bcp somtimes prescribed to clear up skin?

Dr. Phil is doing a show on infertility. I’m a Dr. Phil fan I must admit and I’m very happy that he is doing a show on this just for the exposure. I am concerned that the call for guests never mentions the word infertility. I hate when it is just referred to a “trouble getting pregnant.” This sounds like a sexual dysfunction – like we aren’t quite getting it right. I think it is important that people see that infertility is a medical condition – or at least a family of medical conditions that impair fertility. Also, I fear he will focus on the “give it up and adopt” scenario. I have nothing against adoption and many people with IF end up going this route. However, I think telling a couple with IF to adopt before they are ready to go there is like telling a woman whose husband has just died to get out there and date. So, here’s to hoping that Dr. Phil does us proud. I’ll post when the show is slated to run.