BCP for conception?

How crazy is this IF world? I’m officially taking birth control pills to supress my hormones and help my cysts resolve. I thought I’d never take another bcp after I quit 7 years ago. Actually, I thought I’d have about 9months off and then start them again. Ah, life never goes according to plans. Anyway, I have to thank two buddies on my IF bulletin board and commenter Keeping the Faith for encouraging me to take matters into my own hands. Why wait to see if a month off works and THEN need to take bcp? Especially with a 34mm cyst. The nurses act like “what is a month?” I want to slap them and say “it is not just a month it is the 84th month! Back OFF!” LOL. No problem, they capitulated quickly. Just goes to show that you are only going to get the best care if you learn and advocate for yourself.