I’m benched! I had like 3 follies over 13mm on the left and one at 34mm on the right. 34mm? WTF? I haven’t done any research on what the heck that means! Either way – no IUI or stims for me this month while my ovaries calm down.

I really have mixed feelings about this. I’m partially bummed that I can’t do something active to get pregnant this month (although we will go au naturale – since that has worked so well for us ). On the other hand, it will be nice to have a month off from hoping and worrying.

On another front I found out some additional information about our semen analysis the day of our IUI:

Ok, quick background – our primary problem is male factor due to anti-sperm antibodies which causes artificially low motility and morphology:

SA#1: vol: 5.6
Count: 78.4 million
Motility: 26%

Count: 58.2 million
18% motility

SA from IUI #1:
Pre-wash collected in dilution fluid with enzyme to decrease ASA binding:
Volume 8.0 (holy cow!)
Count: 45.6
58% motility (what???)
velocity 43.8
linearity 50%
post-wash: 57% motile
Total count: 9.5 million
Total motile: 5.4 million

First off – I was thrilled about the motility – that dilution fluid really worked for us! Doesn’t the post-wash number seem low? I thought we could get approximately half of the total pre-wash count?

Here is the real question: with numbers like this, how many times would you try IUI before moving on?