Acronym of the Week: 2WW

The Two Week Wait, or 2WW, is the glorious period of time between ovulation and being able to a.) POAS or b.) greet that old bitch Aunt Flo.

I know I’ve written previously about the agony of second guessing every twinge during the 2ww. Today I wanted to point out some good things about it.

1. No “wanding”
2. No shots
3. No getting up early to visit the RE before work
4. No bruises on your arms from bloodwork (or at least fadded yellow bruises)
5. No wondering if you can do more to make this cycle work
6. Not temping at 5 AM

Actually it is kind of freeing. I know that this is now out of my hands. I am now either pregnant or not pregnant. The decision has already been made and there is nothing I can do to change that outcome. At this point I don’t have to deal with percentages: it is 50/50 – pregnant/not pregnant.

All that is left to do is pray.

And try not to hope too much.