One follie it is

Ultrasound this morning at 8am (on a Saturday! Oh, the humanity*). Still one follie. About 16mm. e2 of 283 (finally over 200!) 225IU of Bravelle tonight, HCG trigger/BD on Sunday, abstain on Mon, IUI on Tuesday.

I should be excited but I’m so disappointed at only having one egg I could cry (oh, wait, I have cried!). With “significant” male factor it just seems painful to get my hopes up that this will be it for us. I can’t seem to muster any hope of getting preggo this cycle but I’m trying to see some positives: (1) the RE can recommend some different protocol for next cycle and (2) the UR can see a post-wash specimen and give us some advice about proceeding.

A huge thanks to everyone who has commented on my blog. I’m kind of writing this in a vacuum – just venting (and using bad words, sorry). It is touching to know that someone out there is reading this. It makes me feel less alone. THANKS!

*Note, if you even think about saying “it is good practice for having kids,” I’ll gouge your eyes out with a spoon.