Shooting up

We injected our first fertility drug tonight!

I picked up the meds at my local Walgreens. My Insurance company uses Walgreen’s Specialty. All the meds were there but no needles. I had to buy them separately because someone “forgot.” How did they expect me to get the meds into my body? Bite open the ampule and drink it?

When DH got home from work I was excited to get it over with. I laid everything out and mixed the two vials of powder per 1 cc of saline. Then prepared the injection site on my stomach for DH to stick me. This is where it all went horribly wrong. DH kept hesitating and then right when he’d go to do it I’d have another instruction for him. Then I felt lightheaded and had to sit down. I think the thought of the shot almost made me pass out. Ok, move to the couch and I lie down. We discuss the merits of counting to three vs. just sticking it in. Finally he just jabs it in – it doesn’t really hurt at all. Just a little pain when he injects the meds. That’s what we were all worried about?

I must have had a lot of pent up stress about this because I broke down crying afterwards. It was part relief, part “why us?”, and part hilarity at both of our reactions!

I think it is a huge relief to have the first shot under our belts.

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