The Roman Catholic Church: promoting hatred and bigotry for 2000 years!

This should be the tag line of the catholic church.

***Note: My dear friend, Z, should probably not read this as I plan to scathingly rip the catholic doctrine to shreds. That being said I know many catholic people that are good and decent.***

If you managed to look past today’s indictment of a catholic priest for committing a heinously ritualistic murder, you may have seen this story:

Teacher says she was fired over in vitro: Wisconsin woman was told procedure violated school’s Catholic doctrine

Let’s overlook for a moment that she was grossly discriminated against by being fired only after she became pregnant (I’ll let a legal blogger tackle that one). What infuriates me is that the catholic church has the unmitigated gall to call in vitro fertilization (IVF) “morally wrong.”

Morally wrong?

I don’t think the catholic church would recognize “morally wrong” if it walked up and licked them.

Let’s review for a moment some things that the catholic church found morally right:

– the mass murder of the “moors” during the crusades
– the mass murder of thousands of women accused (under torture) of being witches
– the torture, intimidation, and ostricization of anyone who dared to believe the wacky idea that the Earth was round
– the approval of an organized slave trade
– the silent approval of the holocaust (after centuries of other atrocities enacted upon the Jews)
– the “shuffling” and harboring of priest known to be child molesters and rapists

And that is just a quick three-minute brainstorm.

As with most of the stupidity of the catholic church, this asinine belief about IVF is actually written down! The Donum Vitae. Read at your own risk. This is like being in a room with Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, AND Rush Limbaugh.

A brief summary: the catholic church says that any conception that takes place outside the “marital bed” is morally corrupt (do you have to do it missionary, too?). This includes IUI, IVF, and all donor-related and surrogate reproduction. Some of their arguments have to do with embryo destruction, selective reduction, etc. These are things that I would have expected from the church. However they also condemn these reproductive technologies when no life is destroyed – when life is only being created because it wasn’t created through the act of marital “union.”

A choice line from the Donum Vitae:
“The human person must be accepted in his parents’ act of union and love; the generation of a child must therefore be the fruit of that mutual giving.”

Clearly the men who wrote this doctrine (which I’d like to point out are celibate priests one of which is the current pope) have no idea what IF treatments like IUI and IVF entail. Choosing to undergo the expense, pain, and emotional turmoil of IF treatment is not entered into lightly. These couples have so much love to give a child and so much conviction that they can nurture a life that they are willing to be tested, probed, stuck with needles, and endure years of waiting for a child. Their commitment to becoming parents is the ultimate “act of union and love.”

An all knowing God will see this love in their hearts.

Just as he can see the hate in the hearts of the men who would deny a couple the beauty of creating life.

Shame on the catholic church. Will they never learn?