Fighting with the insurance company and dreaming

I spent all day today on the phone with pharmacy/doctor/insurance reiterating that “YES MY MEDS ARE COVERED!”

You see, injectible medications are covered under the MEDICAL benefit and not under the perscrption drug benefit. However, I had to explain this repeatedly to my own insurance company. They would say “please hold” and come back with the “yes, it is covered.” What are they the Borg and they had to check with the collective?

(note: many women have NO coverage for IF medication or treatment so I know I’m lucky to even be fighting this battle)

Tomorrow AM is my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork. The ultrasound is checking for the shape and size of my ovaries and to be sure that there are no cysts or follicles on my ovaries left over from the last cycle. The blood work checks for FSH (follicle stimulating hormone – the hormone that makes eggs grow) and estradoil (a form of estrogen). FSH should be under 15 and estradoil should be under 50 to give me the go ahead to start injections.

Injections need to start Wed, Thur, or Fri (cycle days 3, 4, 5) but I will be waiting out my meds which should be here by Fri. 150 units of Bravelle (a synthetic FSH) each night. During this time I will go in for frequent ultrasounds to check the status of my growing follicles (the sac that contains the egg). They are looking for 2-3. Too many will decrease my dosage and too few will increase it. (Not to mention that too many increases the risk of multiple births.) When 2-3 follicles are ready (by reaching a certain size) I will take a new injection called Ovidrel which is synthetic HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) which will cause me to ovulate – the follicles to release the eggs. The insemination will take place the next day and/or the day after.

We will be consulting with the urologist as to the proper amount of inseminations and timing given the condition of our sperm.

That is actually IUI w/injects in a nutshell.

Ok, so on to the dream. Last night I dreamed of my insemination day. My whole family was there with me and DH. I was already on a gurney with feet in the stirrups and everything with a sheet over me. The nurse tells me that they are out of rooms so they have to do the insemination in the hallway. A hallway that is teeming with people. I, needless to say, object vehemently. I am desperate to get this done because I know that sperm are dying in that sample by the second. I beg the nurse to find a room. My whole family thinks I should just let her do it in the hallway with everyone watching and I’m very upset that they aren’t agreeing with me. I felt caught between the desperate need to get this sperm where they need to go but not wanting to do it their way in their innconvenient place.

Paging Dr. Freud…