Antibodies, antibodies, antibodies

Here’s the skinny on our latest SA (I have limited info at this time)

Count: 58.2 million (down from last SA but UR said “normal range”)
Motility: 18% (ugh!!)
Aglutination – tested positive for ASA
Recommends (to my RE): “dilute specimen and wash for insemination” and to try insemination a “couple” of times before considering IVF.

Also, DH will have an ultrasound to take a look at “small left variococele” that the UR notes is “not likely the primary cause of IF” (a varicocele is similar to varicose vein)

So…I called my RE to see what the next steps are. I’m hoping for IUI in May!

Oh, I’m also expecting AF on Saturday so I’ll probably be testing Friday in my insane hope that the impossible has happened! icon_fertilization.gif