Advice from my eye doctor

So I’m sitting in the exam chair at my eye doctor and she asks “what’s up with you?” I, of course, spew the whole IF story like a drunk at happy hour. Why do I do this? It is always on my mind and I just don’t seem to be able to NOT SHARE.

Anyway, she was nice. Had some friends with IF experience and mentioned that I might want/need to forgo contacts in my 3rd trimester when (if?) I get pregnant and while breastfeeding. Apparently, this causes eye dryness and many women go to glasses during this t me.

It kind of justified my spewing. I got some insight from the strangest place. Who knows who else has nuggets of knowledge for me if I only ask. Oh wait, most people’s ideas of knowledge nuggets are “have you tried putting a pillow on your hips?” “does you hubby wear boxers?” and other such insipid redundancy!

Maybe its best if I work on NOT SHARING!