You know you’ve been TTC (trying to concieve) for too long when…

…you talk about your husband and accidentally say “my DH”…you set your alarm for 5am on Saturday to take your BBT

…you go to the doctor with your niece for a booster shot and tell the nurse, “no it hurts less if you do it like this…”

…your DH calls from business travel to ask how your CM is today

…you shave your legs for your RE not for your DH

…you worry about the appropriate “haircut” for an ultrasound

…someone asks what day it is and you almost say “cycle day 4”

…you loiter near the HPT at the drug store debating buying one (or three)

…the “big O” now means ovulation and not orgasm

…you plan your sex life around your next SA

…you visit the RESOLVE bulletin board more than 5 times per day

…you send an email at work and almost write “( ____ ments)” in the subject line

…your DH asks how your cycle buddies are doing