The Two Week Wait

The Two Week Wait (2WW) is the agonizing period of time between the big O (ovulation – didn’t “big O” mean something much more pleasurable before IF?) and the expected arrival of AF/date when HPT can be taken. The acute awareness of your bodies every bubble and ache is hard to describe. Nature makes this a mockery by making symptoms of early pregnancy almost identical to symptoms of approaching AF. During the 2WW you will feel with great detail exactly how your breasts ache or itch, how your ovaries and uterus feel. Am I more tired than usual? Am I peeing more than usual? Oh my goodness! I think that was implantation cramping! Our minds swirl with images of the fertilized zygote (a few cells past fertilization) bouncing down our fallopian tubes, reaching the uterus, and safely attaching to the uterine wall (implantation). We can FEEL it. The excitement of feeling pregnant produces hope which makes you worry that you shouldn’t get your hopes up…which makes you nauseous with worry….which…hey! nausea! maybe I’m pregnant!

The cycle is vicious.

It is no wonder the ordeal of peeing on a HPT stick is so agonizing. We have built up so much hope in it that it is devastating to see only one pink line. Worse yet, AF arrives before a HPT could be taken. Most women hate AF but only the infertile will see it as unalienable proof that once again their bodies failed them in the worst possible way. A whole month of hopes and dreams are washed down the toilet. It is traumatic. And, since it is repeated monthly the trauma accumulates.

There is nothing to do but cry and cry and hope that next month will be better.