by Susan Zaremba
Never in my life
Had I imagined,
I would be where I am now.

I always thought the road would be
Smooth and easy,
When I made my wedding vow.

We would have a family,
Just like that,
Whenever we decided to,
At the drop of a hat.

Nobody around me
In my life,
Led me to believe otherwise,
That I would not become a mother
When I became a wife.

But the road has been so long,
With lots of curves and hills
And bumps,
And things that just went so wrong…

When I thought I was at
The end of my journey
And my baby was meant to be,
Once again I crashed and was awakened
To reality.

So I continue on my travels,
I go on trying,
And hoping,
And crying…
As the story of my fate unravels…

At least I have found some peace in knowing
That along the way, I have meat others,
Who are on this journey to become mothers,
And I may have found a gift,
That God has blessed me with to share,
Until we all find our way there.

There– where we are not going in circles,
Or hitting a dead end,
But seeing the horizon ahead,
And then this empty hole will mend…

As our journey ends,
which we complete
with our new friends,
and on this road
we will finally find
our children to hold,
and our grandchildren
as we grow old.

On this unexpected journey,
Which I never knew would be so long,
Or so rough,
Or so inspiring,
Or that it would make me so strong.

I’m glad I am now taking the scenic route.
I’m learning what it’s all about.
It will be worth it without a doubt!