Crunchy Parent-O-Meter

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How Crunchy is your parenting style?  I created this quiz with my tongue firmly in my cheek – it is supposed to be funny!  I tried to make both extremes into a caricature so please don’t get worked up about any of this it is for FUN ONLY!

My children sleep,   In our Family Bed on organic, fair-trade cotton sheets until they decide to self-wean

In our bed or a co-sleeper for the first few years and then gentle weaning to a big boy/girl bed

In their crib in our bedroom for the first months weeks and then in their own room

On their backs in their cribs from day one – they have to learn to self soothe!

My baby eats,   Pure breastmilk from the tap – uncovered and NOT in a bathroom!

Breastmilk – but I won’t feed in public.

I tried to nurse but, ouch!

Boobs are for sex – plus you get those free samples for Infamil!

My baby wears,   Diaper free! We respond to our child’s cues for elimination communication.

Organic cotton, wool, or bamboo diapers – homemade by WAHM on Esty.

Organic chlorine-free or biodegradable disposable diapers from my local Whole Foods.

Pampers! Each pack pays for a vaccine!

My children’s health   Is supported by a vegan diet rich in Lacto-fermented vegetables and homemade Kefir. Doctors are for broken bones and vaccines are poison.

Is supported by a well-rounded diet without preservatives, HFCS, and additives. We use medicine only when homeopathic remedies fail. Vaccines? I’m delaying … maybe never.

Is supported by our family pediatrician’s recommendations. We use Dr. Sears delayed/selective vax schedule.

is supported by frequent visits to our pediatrician for CDC recommended vaccines and antibiotics to kill the bugs that get past my Purell.

My Children were born,   Under a full Moon in my backyard with only my husband and Gaia in attendance

At home in a waterbirth pool with a doula and midwife

In a birth center with a midwife and an OB backup just in case.

When the OB pulled them out of the incision made in my abdomen on the day of my scheduled c-section.

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This was really hard to implement in Blogger but would have been impossible without this Online Quiz Generator by Adam Founder